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City Of Brampton Art in the Atrium

City of Brampton Gallery Show – “Thank you to the City of Brampton for choosing me to be the featured artist for the month. I am both honoured and grateful. “

Naomi McQuade passionately creates life within a still frame instilling hope and strength in all of the art that she creates. The fluid colours in her paintings, such as the commissioned piece, “Carmen’s Cardinal” brings a sense of a new light and renewed being.  All of her artwork is created from her own life experiences, and shows, even through struggle, there is always a light to reach for. Her battle with a life threatening illness has allowed her to empower herself and others through her artwork. Art has been in part her therapy allowing the process to bring hope in healing to others.

Naomi designs all of her art from her home studio in Mississauga, Ontario. Graduated from various art programs and working professionally creating art and imagery for over twenty years.  Her artwork has showcased both locally and internationally.  More of Naomi McQuade’s artwork is available for sale on Fine Art International by visiting the following link:

“Thank you for participating in our Art Gallery Program. We are excited to have you and I know the public will enjoy your paintings – they are beautiful.”Arts and Culture Coordinator, Recreation and Culture
Garden Square | Public Art Program Development

Member of Visual Arts Brampton


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Image by Michael Spencer

2014 Featured Art for Inanna House

January 2014


May Lyme Disease awareness month

A walk in the park shouldn’t be a debilitating activity.” The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme).

CanLyme is a registered non-profit charitable organization run by volunteers from coast to coast.

Holy Cow Canoe will be hosting a canoe auction on for a limited edition lyme green colour canoe and donating all proceeds to Canlyme.

“Our family run company knows the devastating effects of lyme disease. Lyme is an awful infliction that not only affects the person dealing with it but also all those close to them. There doesn’t seem to be adequate information in both the general population as well as the medical community. We are holding this charity auction to help raise awareness and hopefully we can help raise much needed Lyme awareness.”

“We feel an obligation and a responsibility to keep paddlers and others that enjoy the outdoors safe, by sharing important and relevant information. Lyme is something that needs to be talked about. ” Gulam Baloch, Owner and General Manager of The Holy Cow Canoe Company.

“We want to do our part in giving back to those who have helped our family and believe we can carve new paths to solving the mysteries of Lyme.” Naomi McQuade, Creative Director and Lyme survivor.

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation is dedicated to promoting research, education, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and associated diseases. Please visit the Canlyme website for more information.

Auction for Lyme – May is Lyme disease awareness month – The canoe will be on auction on May 22. Please support this worthy cause, lets take action on Lyme.

For more information on Lyme in Ontario please visit Ontario Lyme Alliance