Professional Production work

 Having extensive experience as an Art Director, coordinator on many productions, I understand the timelines and details that goes into ‘making it all happen’. Working with Kid-Safe Productions, a Toronto based children’s theater group, I designed mobile sets, and hand painted elaborate faux castle walls along with props for the production. I designed and digitally painted representational children’s artwork for their 2014 Toronto Fringe play “A Quest of Character”.
Recently, I collaborated with award winning Film Director and Producer Jason Boritz on his new book “The Ultimate Transformation”, we designed together the cover of his powerful book now available on Amazon.
Book cover by Naomi McQuade
Collaborating with Jason Boritz
Various works of my art have been featured on set locations in many Canadian film productions including BravoFACT. Working along side with Set Scouter, ‘Set Scouter is a film location scouting marketplace that connects filmmaker with property owners looking to rent out their space for production. ‘ The ‘Artist House’ is available for rent on Set Scouter.
Large scale one of kind artwork is available for rent. Staging your next sale for real estate, lightweight various wall pieces available to make an impact in your photos.
Need help designing? I am available via Skype for consultations for your next production project.
The Toronto Fringe festival -Poster
100 % of the proceeds from selling this poster will help deliver special performances for kids. Since its inception in 2000, Kid-Safe Productions has enjoyed sharing its many imaginative and informative educations and artistic programs to young audiences in schools, at community festivals, day camps, and theaters through Ontario and Quebec for over 10 years to over 300,000 youth. Founded by Tricia Myles, the company was first created to address a growing need for community education on the subject of child abuse. Over the years, its services expanded to include dramatic and musical programs on many other social skills development topics for audiences of almost every age. The artwork was designed by Naomi McQuade for the poster being used to promote the play “A Quest of Character” for the Toronto Fringe Festival. The poster will be available for sale as well. Kid-Safe Productions -Toronto Fringe Poster 2014






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