Featured Artist

Honored to be chosen to be the featured artist for the Peel Region -Brampton City Hall ‘Art in the Atrium’ for the month of May. Naomi McQuade will be showing various works in her collection of art that has helped her through her healing process.

“Through my art I am able to feel free of this devastating illness that has crippled me”. Focusing on art has helped me become stronger. I am able to feel as though I am healing and letting go. My intention is to help others have hope through my work. I pour my energy into every piece.”

Available for commission work, Naomi McQuade recently finished a book cover for the very talented award winning Film Director and Producer Jason Boritz. The new book is available for download on kindle, and it is about the transformations one goes through when Lyme has taken all it has.┬áNaomi McQuade’s work has been featured in several groups such as “Impressionists of the 21st century” in many gallery’s without walls.

Commercial work is available for film productions, staging in real estate, websites and book covers. Please contact creditriverdesigns@gmail.com for a consultation.